Friday, February 1, 2013

Confessional Friday

Friday is my favorite day of the week. Why?

Because it's when the weekend starts!!!


Confessional Friday!

So, how about we get right to it, shall we?

//1. I confess that I was more-than-slightly-excited when I saw these beauties popping up in the yard. These are my favorite flower. They are so cheery and bright. PERFECT for a dreary January.

//2. I confess that I wore a color combination this week that totally reminded me of my middle school. Our colors were blue and orange and our mascot was the Wapitis. (Yeah, how many of you know what a Wapiti is pre-Googling?) It's a kind of elk thing. Or a moose thing. Something like that.

//3. I confess that my sinus-y, allergy-like symptoms just might be the result of this...

Folks the first (cold) picture was taken on 1/25. The bottom one (warm) was taken FOUR DAYS LATER on 1/29. Shake my head.

//4. I confess that sometimes being a good multi-tasker has its down side. Like, when I'm typing an email, sending a text and simultaneously talking to a coworker...and get my wires crossed. Then I type in an email what I meant to send in a text and verbally speak my text to my coworker. Shake my head.

//5. I confess that I think I'm a pretty funny person naturally. However, I do believe my humor is escalated whenever I take Benadryl. Perhaps it is sort of like delirium...?

//6. I confess that it slightly bothers me that the first 3 confessions had photos and the last ones don't. But, it doesn't bother me enough to change up the order of the confessions. Heh.

//7. I confess that I go to bed FREEZING! Like, with multiple layers of clothing. Then, randomly, in the middle of the night, I wake BURNING UP! Why such body temp extremes? I'm so strange...

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  1. ooo flowers always make me smile big, even if I am chilly!

  2. i thought we were gonna get a confession about how many times this week you wore your TOMS and loved them....with a picture of course :)


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