Thursday, February 28, 2013

How NOT to Curl Your Hair: A Tutorial Gone Bad

We've all seen the hilarious hair-tutorial-gone-wrong on the Internets where the young girl attempts to do a video tutorial on how to curl your hair with a wand. And, well, the results are pretty devastating. The reaction is actually quite funny, though. Oh, you haven't seen it? Take a look...


To avoid a similar hair-tastrophe, I've included some tips/advice below on what may have gone wrong in this video and what you can do to avoid this. And these tips are from a licensed, bonafide cosmetologist (who just happens to be my sister) and not a well-intentioned young lady. :)

1. Make sure your hair is 100% dry. No damp hair with heat products. When moisture hits your hot styling tool, your hair will burn. Imagine cooking something in a hot, greased frying pan...whatever you put in there is gonna sizzle, regardless.

2. Check the temperature on your flat iron/curling iron. Don't ever just turn it all the way up, unless you are a professional using a professional styling tool. Maxing out the heat is recipe for disaster.

3. Use caution with the length of time you hold the styling product on your hair. Ideally, you don't hold the iron on your hair for longer than 5 seconds, counted slowly. You can always go back and re-curl, but you can't go back and glue on your burnt off hair. (I think our friend above left this on for like 20 seconds or something cray.)

4. If you use a styling product, make sure it's a heat protectant product and not something that is for detangling or split ends. Heat-protectant products are designed to provide a barrier from the heat to your hair. Other products may actually have ingredients that could make your hair more susceptible to burning.

5. Don't use the same heat tool everyday. Switch it up and let your hair go heat-free every once in awhile. This will ultimately help your hair to be healthier.


  1. Heat free is key!! I try to make one day of curling last me the next 2-3 days for waves!

  2. OMG that video cracked me up. In the 90's I was curling my bangs, had way too much hairspray on them to start and they burned off accidentally. I took it as a sign that big hair was overrated.


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