Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Update

Happy Monday, friends!

What say we inaugurate the new week with a re-cap of the weekend that was? I say, yes! Of course, you will receive said re-cap in list form. Because, I roll with lists.

1. I went on another awesome date this weekend. Seems like my intended blog post serious about the sagas of online dating has gone a completely different way. Sorry/not sorry. :D

2. For my date, I decided to finally introduce this guy to my love of wearing color. I started out wearing black and then slowly have introduced more color in my wardrobe for each date. This weekend, I paired royal blue with green and wore my bright red coat. Good news... He didn't seem to be scared at my apparent resemblance to something from Sesame Street.

3. Also, re: the date, we waltzed through a local fish/aquarium store and I was so excited to find that they not only had some pretty cool fish but they had my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE FISH IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Yep. The fish in the middle pic below are Pajama Cardinalfish. I mean, how cool is the name?!?! Showing my dork status here...

3. I posted awhile back about my church and the campaign they were doing to purchase and remodel a home that will be used to rehabilitate AMERICAN girls rescued from the sex trafficking industry. Our goal was to raise $150,000 to be able to purchase and up-fit the home.

Yesterday, we found out that the church raised over $389,000! I'm blown away by our church's generosity and the willingness of people to respond to such a great need. Truly overwhelmed, y'all. Here are some pics from the giving service where we also had our youth/student choir lead worship.

4. Finally, this awesome weekend was topped off with a Ravens win! Hooray! To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of either team, so I had to resort to my very clever and very scientific method for choosing which team to root for...

Mascots - bleh, neither
Coaches - don't like Jim Harbaugh so much, so +1 Ravens
Colors - purple over red, in my opinion, +1 Ravens

I wasn't nearly as attached to the Ravens as my blog friend Kim is to the 49ers. (She like, lives near SF, so she's a bonafide Niners fan.) However, I'm glad they won. Also, the blackout? Cray cray. A FB friend of mine captured exactly what I was thinking when the power in the New Orleans Superdome went out...

New Orleans = 1
Roger Goodell = 0


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  1. Wait...Jim Harbaugh is the coach of the 49ers?? The only time in my life that I have watched football was in the late 90s when he was QB for Indianapolis. I don't remember how I picked the colts or Jim, but they were my team and I loved him. I even have a little statue of him (it's about 2 inches tall).

  2. girl. love your outfit. :) I hope it's audience appreciated it! :)
    based on your methods i think you should have rooted for the 49ers - red and gold are so pretty together! even Alicia was on board! :)

    it was definitely a good game. Especially the second half. Talk about stressful. :)

  3. Gorgeous date outfit! I'm glad things are going well!

    I didn't watch the SB.

  4. #3: Isn't that number staggering?!?! We missed the initial announcement because we had to park across the street and get the kids situated in K-Zone. When Talbot mentioned the number again at the end of service I literally grabbed Bert's leg to keep from falling off my chair. Amazing!

  5. OMG - those fishies are so pretty! That's amazing your church was able to raise that much money, very impressive!


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