Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Top 5 Tuesday: Rants & Raves

Though I'm not a naturally angry person, I do have a propensity for sarcasm. Here's to hoping today's post comes off more as witty sarcasm than actual anger. (crosses fingers)

Can I rant about a few things, y'all? Just five things that have annoyed me lately. Feel free to share your latest rants in the comments section. But let's keep it all in good fun, okay? The last thing I need is for some psycho weird cat to leave a racist rant on my blog and it go viral. Good viral=excellent, bad viral=not excellent. Mmmmkay?

1. Apparently Gap has decided to unleash their new Skimmer pants/jeans on the blogging world with reckless abandon. No lie...I read 4 different c/o blog posts just yesterday where the blogger was given Gap Skimmers to review. I get that Gap wants to make a splash...but why not infiltrate the blog world a little more like a trickle than an exploding dam of sponsored posts? Geez.

2. Let me have my snow, people. I'm a Southern lady. Born and bred. Snow is a novelty for me. So, it annoys me to no end when Yankees and mid-westerners laugh at me for getting excited about snow. I GET IT. YOU'RE USED TO IT. IT'S NOT COOL TO YOU. But it is to me. So, leave me and my snow squeals alone. Geez.

3. Toothaches. I'm not sure if I have a toothache or a headache at the time I'm writing this post. But whichever it is, it's annoying me. Do you know what annoys me more than a toothache? Having to go to the dentist. I hate the dentist. Laying there with your mouth all open and not being able to control your drooling...y'all know what I mean. It's weird. I couldn't look at people's mouths all day. Creeps.

4. Can we talk about how annoying it is to be one or two episodes behind THE ENTIRE WORLD in a tv show? Just because I don't watch a tv show as often as everyone else (because I usually will watch more than one episode at a time) doesn't make me weird. Does it? But then I sometimes get overwhelmed when I think of having to catch up. Does anyone else do that? I just need a tv show catch-up day.

5. Lastly, I think it's annoying that hot dogs and buns never come in equal amounts. I always end up having more left of one thing. And it's never remedied by buying another bag of hot dog buns because then you just have extra buns. You can not use extra hot dog buns interchangeably with regular bread. PB&J is not the same when eaten on a bun. You cannot use extra hot dogs without the bun and sliced bread isn't a good substitute for a missing bun. What in the world can you use extra hot dogs for? This is the kind of dilemma that keeps me up at night.

Well that and why we do we drive on parkways and park on driveways?

First world Problems II - Uneven hot dog to bun ratios keep me awake at night

Share your [niceish] rants and raves below! Happy Tuesday!


  1. Leftover hot dog buns made great garlic breadsticks. Smear with a little butter and garlic. Pop them in the oven for a few minutes, and they're great. :) Hope your tooth feels better!

  2. i HATE over exposed brands on blogs.
    so no gap, just no.

    you enjoy that snow, girl. your california friends will live vicariously through you and your joy!

    and #5. omg. my life crisis.
    costco wins all the time for their perfect bun to dog ratio.

    1. I did not realize Costco sold appropriately ratioed buns. Need to make trip soon. :D

  3. Firmoo glasses were the Gap skimmers a few months ago. Enough of both! It doesn't help that I am quite positive I will look like hammered crap in skimmer pants.

    1. I totally agree! Ugh, I won't be buying Firmoo or Gap skimmers anytime soon. :)

  4. Also, I wasn't following you on Instagram! I rectified that.

  5. #4 - Bert and I have 6 episodes of Revenge sitting on our DVR! We prefer to watch our shows in marathons unless it's something we risks getting spoiled on. Which, BTW, is a rant - you totally spoiled the KISS on New Girl for me! ;)

    #5 - Bun length hotdogs come 8 per pack just like buns.

  6. Okay, number four. I'm a a big time Downton Abbey fan, but we don't have cable so I have to catch up a few days after the rest of the world. FOR SOME REASON, Downton Abbey fans have NO CONCEPT of SPOILER ALERTS. What. the. heck. I have seen so many FB statuses about what happens in the season finale that it makes me want to scream. Censorship people!! Ugh, I just want to punch them.

    Obviously, I am ridiculously and irrationally passionate about this. Sorry about that.

  7. I cut up extra hot dogs and mix them into macaroni and cheese like a four year old.

    Also, I get you on the watching tv episodes behind the whole world. Sometimes the list of shows I have to watch stresses me out a little.


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