Friday, February 22, 2013

The ABCs of Me!

I just love these things. Kelly posted hers on Tuesday and when I saw, I KNEW I just had to do it. So, in lieu of Confessional Friday, I'm posting a few li'l things about me.

The ABCs of Me 
A — available or married?
Technically available because I'm not married. But I am seeing someone...

B — book?
It's been an embarassingly long time since I've read a book. As someone who claims to be an avid reader, I just haven't had time for any of it!

C — cake or pie?
Definitely cake. Always. Cake>pie forever. (Did I do that right? I always get < and > confused. I know the alligator mouth of the numbers...)

D — drink of choice?
Water. AAANNNNDDDDD Diet Dr. Pepper.

E — essential item?

F — favorite color?
This fluctuates. I'd say aqua. Or I can be a nerd and say Pantone 3105 c. ;)

G — game to watch or play?
Well, football. And hockey. Maybe baseball, but only live and with hot dogs. I also like Cranium, Things in a Box and Scrabble.

H — hometown?
Carolina girl, born and raised. Born in Columbia, SC and raised in NC.

I — indulgence?
Good wine or expensive makeup.

J — job?
Marketing/PR for an accounting firm.

K — kids and their names?
No kids. Except for Hewitt.

L — life is incomplete without?

M — music group of singer?
Lately, I've been listening to a lot of classic rock. The Who, Zeppelin, The Stones, Clapton, Heart, you know...

N — number of siblings?
One younger sister and one older sister

O — oranges or apples?
Apples. Oranges are just really messy.

P — phobias/fears?
Thunderstorms, snakes, frogs and probably lettuce.

Q — favorite quote?
"Boy Scouts are the bane of my existence." - Name Withheld for Identity Protection. You know who you are...

R — reason to smile?
I have a date tonight. Qdoba and shoe shopping. Be still my heart!

S — season?
Fall. Or spring. I'm not a fan of weather extremes.

T — tattoos?
Two. Maybe more someday. Who knows?!

U — unknown fact about me?
My picture has been on a billboard before.

V — vegetable you love?
Yeesh. Um, potatoes. Are those a vegetable? If not, carrots. Or green beans. Maybe I'd even venture as far as saying zucchini...

W — worst habit?
My sweet tooth.

X — X-rays you've had?
Teeth, neck and chest.

Y — your favorite food?
Pizza. Macaroni and cheese. Chocolate. Taco Bell. [Quick...throw something sophisticated or healthy in]Filet Mignon with shallots and butter.

Z — zodiac?
Capricorn. But that mess ain't real. :)


  1. Fun fun! The phobia of lettuce cracks me up! Have a great weekend.

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  3. found you on Mingle Monday - I Love your blog layout! and this is such a cute idea! I may steal it a little for my own blog!

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