Friday, April 19, 2013

Confessional Friday

Hi blog friends! Happy Friday!

First off, stop what you're doing. No, for real, stop. STOP!

Now, watch this video.

OH MY LORDY. Y'all this is hilar. I think I'm torn between the flamingo (of course!) and the whale. It's so funny!

And now that we've exercised our funny bones, let's move on to confessin', shall we?

//I confess that I ran for 20 min without stopping this week. While that doesn't seem like a lot for most people, it's quite a feat (punny!) for me. :)

//I confess that I'm not really a smoothie person. I mean, I don't HATE smoothies, but I'd rather just have a milkshake. But, milkshakes are bad. So, thus I'm left with no scratch for my frozen beverage itch. Sigh...

//I confess that I've been on WebMD way too much this week. There's nothing wrong with me, but I just have random urges to research stuff that happens to be on WebMD.

//I also confess that I'm probably the world's biggest hypochondriac, second only to my father. (hi dad!!) Hey, we wear our psychosomatic sicknesses with pride!

//I confess that I took about eleventy billion photos of my arm yesterday where I got my weekly allergy shot. The injection site normally swells a little each week but this week was pretty severe and it was red and hot and itchy. So, naturally, I took photos and used WebMD. Thankfully, I resisted the urge to instagram it. But I did succumb to sending photos to M and making my parents feel it. Wow, I'm a weirdo!

//I confess that this pin is hilar.

Caption: "And to put it simply: Alpacas are pleasant looking and Llamas look like they’re constantly judging you."

Also, do the alpacas remind you of anyone?

Alpacas trump llamas. Always. 

And Beyonce trumps all. The end. 

And with that, have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Llamas DO always look like they're judging you. I never thought about that before.

    I don't like smoothies or milkshakes. I keep trying with smoothies.

  2. Ok, now I want an alpalca- those EYES!!!!


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