Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to: Dress for a Pear Shape

Having always thought I was an hourglass shape, I've recently come  to terms with the fact that I am not so much an hourglass but a pear shape. For more information on the different body types (with regards to fashion), click here. (a "teardrop" shape and pear shape are the same)

Someone recently asked me how to best dress for a pear shape (or, when the lower part of your body like booty, hips and thighs are more full than the upper part of your body, like your bust and waist). I thought it might be helpful to put together a visual (because I am a visual person) concept of how to best dress a pear shaped body. Read below for my ideas on dressing this body type...which also happens to be mine. HA!

dressing for pear shapes

dressing for pear shapes by aprilanne147 featuring mango pants

Dresses: Wrap and A-line dresses are idea for this body type. They emphasize the small size of the top while "skimming" over the larger bottom half.
Tops/Necklaces: Tops with embellishments like ruffles, decorative necklines or sequins/prints help to draw the eye upward and draw attention to a smaller upper half. The same goes with statement necklaces. It helps to emphasize what is smaller. 
Pants/Jeans: TROUSER JEANS. TROUSER CUT PANTS. I don't mean to shout, but there's a reason that this "classic" cut never goes's perfect for pears. 
Skirts: In general, structured skirts (like the pencil skirt) and some A-line skirts work well for pears. You do not want something that emphasizes the hips but that either skims over it or hugs it.

Note - It is not necessary to banish prints and patterns from your lower half, you just want to make sure that whatever is paired with them helps to balance them out. 

Where my fellow pears at? Holla! 

Would you be interested in seeing something like this for other body types? Let me know. 



  1. I love that green dress you put up, and the ruffled tank. I love things that skim my stomach/hip area because it's my worst!

  2. Hi April! I found your blog and I love reading your posts.
    Following your blog on GFC :)
    Suzanne from written by suzanne


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