Have I Crossed the (Hidden) Line?

Well, apparently, today is reveal-something-about-myself-that's-slightly-dorky day.
This morning, I opened my inbox to discover an email a friend forwarded me. It literally made me squeal outloud, much to the chagrin of my coworkers.
What was the email about?
Well, my friends, apparently Build-a-Bear has now started carrying plush My Little Ponies. Holla! And the best news of all? Out of the two they carry, one of them is my absolute favorite. Friends, let me introduce you to Rainbow Dash.
I have never done this Build-a-Bear before, but I sort of understand the premise. You pick something (an animal, a doll, a PONY) and you add things (clothing, accessories, personalizations) and then name it or something, right? (Moms, feel free to chime in.) Anywho, there is also a rainbow tutu you can buy for the pony to wear!
So, this obvious brings up a question/point to ponder. When does an adult obsession cross from being cute or endearing to weird or freaky? Does the fact that I've had not one, but two My Little Pony cookie cakes in my lifetime and was slightly giddy over this email put me into the cute/adorkable/endearing category or the weird/freaky category? Don't worry about hurting my feelings, I need to know. I do not dress up as My Little Ponies, nor do I have any My Little Pony bedding. (Though, I can't really make that argument because if they made it in Queen size...heh.)
Have I crossed that hidden line into creepyville? Or is this still an adorkable obsession?

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  1. I think you are good. If you were playing with my little ponies it might be a problem.

  2. Definitely adorkable. Now, if MLP was ALL you ever talked about that would be creepy. But a random geekout every once in awhile is cute.

    1. Good. I'm glad it's not too bad. Yet. HEH.

  3. Love this! Side note: I (er... the easter bunny) just got Selah her first My Little Pony. Can you guess which one??? Rainbow Dash!!!

    1. Yes!! Way to start her out on the right hoof...I mean, foot. :)

  4. Here is an example of someone who has crossed the line into CREEPY:


    For the record, I did not seek out that image. I was browsing some "geek" boards on Pinterest and stumbled on it.

    Also, Hi Beth! I like your daughter's name. :)

    1. Oh man! Selah, this is awesome. It would make a great Halloween costume though. :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Playing with them, carrying them around, or bedding would be creepsterville. Cakes? Harmless. Who doesn't like little unicorns.


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