Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday's Celeb Rants & Raves

Hello blog friends. I promise that tomorrow I'll do a normal outfit post with nice words and some fashion tips. But for today, however, can I just have a minute (or two) to talk about some things that are irritating me lately in the celebrity world? Do y'all mind?


1. Leave Margaret Thatcher alone.
For real. Regardless of what you think of her political policy, she deserves at the very least, your respect. She's the former Prime Minister of England. Show her the same respect that you would a former President. She was still an influential authority figure in women's AND England's history. She doesn't deserve the kind of ridicule and disrespect that she's been getting. People are having a parade because someone is dead? That's sad. And low class. Period.

2. Beyonce and Jay-Z have made their own bed.
Hey, if these two uber-celebs decided to vacation in Cuba, good for them. However, they need to be ready to deal with the backlash they get from fans and other Americans. Don't refuse to comment on why you chose to vacation IN A COMMUNIST COUNTRY. You were obviously warned about it. You had to know your trip would come under some sort of scrutiny. You've made your bed, Carters, now lay in it.

3. Will & Jada, I admire your intentions.
Will and Jada, I respect your comments defending The Biebs. However, your defense is futile because, it's The Biebs. The end.

4. Chris Brown, you are dead to me.
I'm all for forgiveness and grace because, let's face it, we ALL deserve it. However, Chris Brown's continuous bad behavior and reckless actions have completely turned me away from him. I will just never, ever buy any of his music. I mean, he's not even that great of a singer/musician.

5. Celebrity gossip mags, how about new material?
I'm tired of hearing about Lindsay, Kim & Kanye, the Real Housewives, The Biebs, the other Kardashians and their crazy mother, Taylor Swift and the Teen Moms.

Okay, I'll resort back to my normal happy fashion posts tomorrow. Any celebs you want to rant about? I'd love to hear it!



  1. Can I just say YES to all of the above and leave it at that?

  2. Amen. That is all.

  3. 1. I did not know Margaret Thatcher was dead until just now.
    2.I think Beyonce and Jay Z should be able to vacation anywhere. I did not know this is a controversy, but it is dumb.
    3. Is something going on with the Beibs that I didn't know about? Also, Will Smith is just a classy guy.
    4. I actually agree about Chris Brown. How does he continue to sell music?
    5. Obviously, I'm pretty out of the loop on celebrity gossip mags as everything you mentioned was news to me except for the fact that Chris Brown is horrible. However, I blame that mainly on the fact that my eyes glaze over any time I see the name Kardashian anywhere. I know as little as possible about these ladies and try to keep it that way.


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