Thursday, April 4, 2013

Things I Loathe Thursday

In stark contrast with my normal Thursday posts as of late, I've decided to do a post on things I'm currently loathing. Shall we proceed?

loathe photo Loathe.jpg
//1. Jergens Natural Glow-
Yes, I read all the hype about them changing the formula. Well, it still smells like pee. For reals. Now, I will admit I'm probably more sensitive to the self-tanner smell than most, but I still smell it. So, odorless tanning, my foot, Jergens!
[Note: Though the odor is there, it is delayed a little. It doesn't smell immediately when you put it on, but later on. Also, the color is still fantastic, so I can deal with the smell...for now.]

//2. Eating the rest of my Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs-
You have no idea. It has been the delight of my nights to open one of those jolly yellow wrappers. The last one was consumed yesterday evening. Sadness and despair... :(

//3. Men that can't get the hint-
If you're trying to talk to me in the checkout line at the grocery store and I'm animatedly texting someone on my phone...get the hint.

//4. Weather that can't make up its mind-
50 degrees and sunny, then 70 degrees and sunny, then 40 degrees and rainy, then 80 degrees and sunny? No wonder my sinuses are a wreck.

//5. And speaking of sinuses...allergy shots that don't seem to be working-
I'm starting month 6 here of allergy shots and they don't seem to be helping. Sigh.

//6. The fact that I am STILL episodes behind on my favorite tv shows-
At least 2 episodes behind on The Mindy Project, one behind on The Office, two behind on New Girl and countless others. Really??!!

//7. Tucked in sheets-
That one is pretty self-explanatory.

//8. Justin Bieber-
And anything else associated with him, his shirtless pics or his "difficult" celebrity life.

Well, since I shared my current loathes, how about you? Anything you've been loathing lately?


  1. I'm SO over this weather. I think it's making my sinuses run/drip too. NO fun!
    In terms of the candy, do what I did, and go hit up the Easter candy bins at Target. My desk at work is fully stocked...which is probably not a good thing for the workouts I'm trying to keep on top of hahah

  2. Ugh, I agree about the weather. I loathe untucked sheets because when they're untucked my husband steals them! As to #3, you might have to stop hinting and just flat out say you're not interested - guys aren't good with hints.

    1. Good news, Selah - I think next week will be pretty normal and stable for us! Yay!

  3. Sweet new blog look!

    I HATE BIEBER and ALL Bieber related items.

    Tucked sheets = straight jacket

    1. Thanks!!

      Also, we are a lot alike. Tucked sheets also make me think of a straight jacket. It's too confining. LOL.

  4. I have never had much luck with those natural glow lotions. I use Sally Hansen's leg makeup. Granted it only lasts one night and then washes off, but it doesn't stink. The weather here in Texas has been obnoxious as well. 88 one day and then 60 the next. Boo! Here's to Friday coming quickly!

    1. I like the leg makeup too. Usually, I'll put that on top of the natural glow to make it extra dark for something. :) But do you have issues with the leg makeup washing/sweating off?

  5. Hi! New follower! I adore your blog name! I completely agree with the Justin Bieber thing and the weather! Can't it just be warm already?! It isApril after all!

  6. Whoa face list! Loving it!!! And I love that cat pic mehehe

  7. Oh my gosh I love this list because I loathe ALL of these things as well!! I have to chime in about allergies though- I had the worst, most terrible allergies EVER (I was on 3 prescription medications and still having serious problems), but now they are virtually gone because of two things: I went to a holistic doctor and she told me to cut some things out of my diet (I did, it has solved several health problems, and I've never looked back) and I had my sinuses scraped (which sounds painful, but actually was no big deal). I know holistic/natural doctors can seem a little hokey, but I swear it has changed my life!! Good luck with your loathes...I hope next week brings lots of loves :) ~Chelsea


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