Thursday, August 22, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday! Here are some things I'm loving lately...

Yep. You read that right. Oreo Popcorn. And guess who is trying this out this weekend? This girl!
And for more Oreo deliciousness recipes (10 to be exact) click here.


Here's a really cool Time Lapse tour of the U.S. in 5 min. This guy traveled over 12,000 miles and documented his trip. Watch it and see how many cities you can guess!

Seersucker napkins. By Kim Seybert. #napkins #seersucker #nautical

Seersucker NAPKINS! I feel like I could make these if I could get access to a serger, no?

Merona® Women's Ponte Elbow Sleeve Dress w/Pockets - Assorted Knits

I am absolutely, totally, 100% into this dress. And I know I'll love it even more when it arrives this week. ;) But seriously, I have this dress in pink and I love it. I'm so glad Target released it again in fall/winter colors. I also love the blue one too!

im laughing so hard I'm crying!!!




Links from the Blogosphere:
How to take the PERFECT Instagram Selfie | 5 Easy Ways to Transition Your Wardrobe to Fall (and after the cooler temps in the last couple of weeks where I live this is very useful!) | The 13 Commandments of Instagram | Lulu ROCKS a baseball tee with a lace skirt and leopard clutch. Get it!

And finally, your weekly GIFts:

When a coworker comes in with hangover hair and a high-low hem. 

This IS my Friday desk dance. 

Don't be bringing me stuff at 4pm on a Friday.

When my coworker says, "It's really slow today."
Okay these last gifs are not things I love...but more of a...

What the heck is wrong with this woman?

I could keep going, but...I won't. I mean, there's artsy...there's trying to make a statement and then there's...whatever this is. [source]

And on that note. Have a fab Thursday!


  1. I love your Things I Love Thursdays.

    The seal eyebrow made me literally LOL!

    Haha :) Thanks for the laugh!


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