Monday, August 19, 2013

My Strange Addiction

I've already confessed my addiction to cardigans and shoes, but this weekend I discovered a new addiction...


How did this come about? Well, whilst venturing out with M this weekend I convinced myself to buy 2 new t-shirts. I mean, I had to have them. Why? Well, see for yourself...

C'mon, the Duck Commander shirt is PINK!

Anywho, when I got my new t-shirts home, I attempted to make room in the t-shirt section of my wardrobe. Which led to me getting frustrated because I had nowhere to put them. Which led to me taking out all my t-shirts and refolding them.

Which led me to this photo.

How. Does. This. Happen?

That's 30 shirts...not even counting the one I was wearing and the ones in the dirty clothes basket. Who, in their right mind has over 30-and-probably-closer-to-40 t-shirts?!?!

A clothes hoarder. That's who.

Hello, my name is April and I think I'm a clothes hoarder. I just can't get rid of certain pieces of clothing. I have t-shirts that are literally holey...some are from high school...but I just can't get rid of them. And let's not even get started on my 30+ cardigans and 60+ pairs of shoes. What is wrong with me?!

Do I need a t-shirt intervention? Is this normal? Does anyone else have an insane amount of t-shirts?


  1. Oh I easily have that many!! I'm still holding on to shirts from high school...and do I really need at least 10 shirts from college? Not really.

  2. I'm having my aunt make us T-shirt quilts because of this issue.

  3. I have a box in the attic just of old t-shirts that I cannot get rid of. Most of them are sentimental for one reason or another. Even though I packed that box a year or two ago, I still have at least 30 t-shirts in my closet. Lately I've been cutting the sleeves off to use them as workout shirts. {Things I never thought I'd say: I'm really into muscle Ts lately.}

  4. Ha! @ Amie. I too found a strange addiction to t-shirts. I really want to make a quilt out of the sentimental old ones, but that just sounds like a lot of work.


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