Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Top 5 Tuesday: Outfit Color Combos

Every once in awhile I'll see a outfit that has a color combination that really catches my eye. Since color is my love language, I often notice the color of something before I notice other details.

Such is the case with these pins. I noticed the color before the outfit...but when I finally noticed the outfit, it made me love these pins even more.

Below are my top 5 favorite outfit color combinations...

Navy and Green

preppy stripes and a statement necklace

Yellow and Royal Blue

Primary colors with a pop of animal print!

Pink and Green 

pink and green, y'all

Orange and Navy 

I like the bright orange with dark blue. CarahAmelie - Outfit Ideas

Yellow and Green 

anthropologie catalog july 2011 Love this outfit!!! So in love with the shoes!!! I wanted them so bad!!!!Still do!

Are there some color combinations that you love to wear? Or maybe you just love seeing on other people? Guys, y'all can chime in too. Maybe you like Maize and Blue? ;)


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