Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What's With White Eyeliner?

white eyeliner

Makeup artists have long been obsessed with highlighting the inner corners of eyes. It helps eyes to larger, farther apart and more awake. This used to be done with white eye shadow or highlighting cream.

However, these days, a new crop of  beauty products are flooding the market, replacing the eye highlighting creams of yesteryear.

These are white (or ivory) brightening/lightening eyeliners. So...other than for people dressing as clowns...or perhaps some of the laydays on RuPaul's Drag Race, why would one use a white eyeliner? What's the deal with them?

And, I'll admit that I was a big ol skeptic at first. But then I got one in a fairly recent Ipsy bag and gave it a whirl. I've tried it both in my waterline and as an inner corner highlighter.

It really makes a difference! Even for someone with white skin anyway. :) I don't wear it everyday, but I do wear it when my eyes are a little tired looking and it perks them right up.


Here's an example of white done right. 

Here are some of my fave white eyeliner tutorials:

Girl With Curves "Basic Face"
The Beauty Department "Eye Study"
MagicGrl111 Youtube Tutorial
Hustle and Whale "White Is the New Black"

So what do you think about this look? Would you ever try white eyeliner?


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  1. I use it to brighten my bottom lash line up a bit if I'm dragging.


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