Monday, August 12, 2013

Over the Weekend (and a fishing re-do)

Happy Monday friends!

Well, I got a chance to redeem myself from my deep sea fishing weekend o' doom by attempting to fish again this weekend. There were two main differences...this time I kept my feet on the ground the entire time and I was fishing in a pond....versus the ocean.

Big difference.

Well, at least it was to my body. Because I fished and I fished for a couple of hours and not even the slightest wave of nausea crept over me. Not even when I had to hold a fish by its mouth. Okay, I lied. I probably gagged a little because it felt like a wet butterfly. Just go with it...

And the best part? I caught fish! Five bass, to be exact. I caught more fish than any of the other "seasoned" fishermen out there including M, who, came to my beckon call every time I DID catch something so I wouldn't have to take it off the hook. Guh-ross.

Oh, and I should mention that M also helped me get my hot pink fishing rod unstuck whenever I'd cast it into the trees. That happened a lot a few times. And the best thing ever was when I got my pink fishing rod stuck in a tree-slash-devil-bush and M told me to hold on to his rod while he got mine unstuck. Naturally I cast it in the pond and NATURALLY I caught a fish. I got photographic evidence of that one...naturally.

I was trying really hard not to be grossed out by touching that thing. Yuck. 

Any who, after I caught my third fish, I decided to start giving fishing tips to M. I told him to pick a glittery lure (I was fishing with a red sparkly worm and then an orange glittery worm thing with a spiral tail). He got rid of this weird green one (pictured above) and chose something else and started catching them. 

Sadly, my good fishing advice stopped there. I advised him to do a white sparkly worm since white contrasts with the greenish pond water and he caught nothing. Oh well....

After fishing, we went swimming (not in the a pool). Fortunately for all of you I have no pictures of that. But I do have a pic of M with one of his bass. 

Other happenings this weekend:

This randomly appeared on my phone yesterday. Hmmm....

Hewitt was herding his "babies" so I took a photo. 

Oh, and this happened. I had carbo load for my fishing excursion. :) 

Overall I had a pretty good weekend. How about you?

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