Tuesday, August 20, 2013

OOTD: Plain Black Dress

One of my favorite things to do is play around with accessories on a neutral-ish palette. So, when my mom bequeathed me her beloved black sheath dress, I jumped at the opportunity to try different accessories with it.

In the pics below, I pretty much stuck with pink, blue and green. But there are so many opportunities with this dress. Black dresses can go with ANYTHING! (Don't believe me? Check out these posts.)

These are virtually the same look, I know (cardigan and statement necklaces) but you can get a different look by switching up the accessories and completer pieces. So, I might not wear these outfits back-to-back...but I could wear this black dress to work once a week, every week, and look like I'm wearing something different by choosing different accessories or completer pieces.

Black Dress: Old Navy...very old! (similar) | Blue Cardigan: Gap (similar) | Green Cardigan: Target (exact) | Leopard Pumps: Target (exact) | Pink Pumps: DSW (similar) | Blue & Pink Bubble Necklaces*: Ebay | Green Statement Necklace: Gift from a friend

The look I actually rocked to work this week was the black dress with blue cardi, blue bubble necklace and leopard flats. But I can't wait for the opportunity to wear the dress with my new hot pink pumps...that I scored for $11. :)

Have you ever switched up the "surroundings" on a favorite clothing staple for a new look?


*Apparently there's some haterade flowing around the bubble necklace because they are so trendy and popular...that EVERYONE has one and therefore the bubble necklace is old and not fashionable. Well, first, "fashionable" is mostly a state of mind. But furthermore, let me continue to say that trends are not my thing. I like what I like and I wear what I like. I will wear my bubble necklaces (all 5 of them) until the cheap brassy chains turn my neck black. And then I'll paint them with clear nail polish and wear them even more. I like them and I don't give a flying doughnut whether or not they are popular or trendy. They are fabulous. The end. :)


  1. I love wearing my black dresses and adding pizzazz with my accessories.

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