Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

First off, I'm slapping my own hand for just now getting around to blogging about Christmas...which was 2 days ago.

But this Christmas was an interesting one. M and I set a new tradition (that we hope to continue into our marriage) and we also had a few gift "snafoos" that we are dealing with. Hey, I never said it was a BORING Christmas. :) Some key events, photos and comments are below:

1. I love that M indulges my obsession with My Little Pony (Rainbow Dash, specifically) and gives me MLP gifts! I got 2 Rainbow Dash gifts this Christmas, the first came the the Monday before Christmas and it was a Rainbow Dash plush from Build-a-Bear.

Yes, I am 28 years old and I stood in line with all of the little kids and their grandparents getting precious little teddy bears and rabbits and Christmas reindeer at the Build-a-Bear store. Don't hate. I proudly stood in line to get my Rainbow Dash stuffed, sewed and loved on. Ain't no shame in this game! This is the first time I've ever been inside a Build-a-Bear store so it was quite the experience. A little while later, I emerged with my very own adorable plush version of Rainbow Dash.

The other MLP gift came on Christmas Eve, when M and I exchanged gifts. We must have the "ESPN" because we both got each other shoes. (!!!) However, I'll comment on the shoes that I got for him a little later...

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M gifted me the cutest pair of Rainbow Dash slippers!
They are amazing. That is all.
2. Lots of Christmas baking, candy making and eating commenced over the last few days. So much so that I'm afraid to step on a scale this week. Sigh.

3. There was lots of time with family. Some, with family that I see pretty regularly...(like my younger sister and I below)
And then some time with family that I don't get to see very often. These are some of the women on my Mom's side of the family. We have breakfast at Cracker Barrel every Christmas Eve morning.
4. A trip to the groomers, coupled with the addition of a denim vest and his normal Grinch-like attitude, Hewitt was a great source for photo ops this year.

5. Shoes! For M and I shoes were the main gifts this year. I gifted M a really awesome (in my opinion) pair of boots and he gifted me some rubber mocs from LL Bean that I've been wanting for YEARS! However, neither of us have been able to wear our new shoes...why? Well, my shoes, while they did fit, are a bit snug and won't fit with thick I need to get one size larger. (M acutally ordered 2.5 sizes down from my regular shoes size because the reviews suggested that they ran ENORMOUS!) M's boots are a whole other story...well, I'll just let you see for yourself...

Yep. Two left boots. Awesomesauce. My very first Christmas present to my future husband and it's two left boots. Sigh. The sad part is that I ordered these online (because size 13 W isn't readily available in the store). So some jerk wasn't doing their job and put two left boots into the box and sent to me. Being a good online shoe purchaser, I made it a point to look and make sure both boots were, indeed, size 13 W, but it didn't even cross my mind to make sure they weren't both the same foot. Sigh. YOU HAD ONE JOB!
Needless to say, these will be going back to the store today. :(
6. M and I set a new tradition of doing Christmas eve at my parents/ and Christmas day at his parents' house. Hopefully this is something we can stick to because I really enjoyed not having to travel everywhere on Christmas and just relaxing and enjoying the day.
How did you spend your Christmas?


  1. Awesome! Rainbow Dash is MY favorite, too!!

  2. AAAAH on the boots. That sucks!

    I can't even take H's denim vest. I love it! Gus was a grinch, he always is. There has to be one!

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