Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Reviving a Cardigan: Yes or No?

Two of my favorite cardigans of all time have both developed a number of ailments that may or may not be curable.

The first one, seen in the image below, has holes on the elbows. I can sew the holes up but I would imagine it might make the fabric pucker weirdly. I don't really know another option for it besides that. Other than the holes, the cardi is pretty good shape...and I'm not really ready to throw it out yet.
[gasp! a cardigan funeral!?!?!]

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The second, pictured below, also has elbow holes (WHY!?!?!) and is missing multiple buttons which just fall off randomly. I've replaced 2 already and they all seem to be on their way out..um...off. Also, it's faded a bit so it's hard to wear with other black things for the most part. I know I can dye it, sew up the holes and put all new buttons on it...but is it worth it?


The blue cardi is from Gap and the black one from Target. I can see repairing the first to be able to wear it more since it's in fairly good shape except for the holes. However, the second one, which is decidedly cheaper than the first, will require more work.
Is it worth it? Should I just replace them both?



  1. Elbow patches! http://www.pinterest.com/pin/394416879837837429/

  2. I love that look, but is it office appropriate? That's the only thing...

    1. Perhaps with the right pants and statement necklace?

      Also, I'd go for a new black cardi. There are too many malfunctions with that one.

  3. When my cardis get holes, they get tossed. I get holes frequently. Faded gets tossed too.

  4. Totally elbow patches for the first one! Send the other two Goodwill.

  5. I would totally rock the elbow patches with the blue cardi! I'd wear it to work and I'm an HR director. I also agree that you should just replace the black one.


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