Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a BUSY one, y'all.

It included both wedding stuff AND holiday stuff, so there was much merriment going around in my neck of the woods.

Saturday morning, I had a nail appointment, then I had my first bridal shower. It was a Pampered Chef shower and it was so cool. I love their kitchen stuff and there was great food! Win-WIN!

After the shower I had to hustle back home to get ready for M's company Christmas party. His company is fairly large so it was held at a very, VERY nice hotel in my city. (Actually, the nicest hotel I've ever been date.) In true form, I wore the same dress I wore to my company Christmas party the week before.

Ain't no shame in my game, y'all.

But I DID get a full body shot of the dress/shoes this time. Sweet!

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Sorry for the blurriness and the beady mouse eyes. That's what happens when you use the flash on your iPhone! :) So, M's company Christmas party was very fun and there were a lot of people there (about 300 or so) so there was also a lot of people watching (my fave!). 

After dinner and awards, the CEO stood up and introduced the entertainment for the night. I wasn't really paying much attention until he said something like "traveled all over the world and have won multiple Grammy awards" which I perked up. He then announced that night's was The Temptations! 

Yes, like the real Temptations. A few of them are dead so they've got a couple of new members but it's them! They were awesome and they've got some great moves and even better harmonies. What an awesome surprise!

Sunday morning I sang in church for all of our services (3) and then had a Christmas party on Sunday afternoon/evening. Like I said, it was a very full weekend. Very fun and very full! I know weekends like this tend to happen more frequently around the holidays with parties and gatherings and they are a lot of work! This week is no different with work functions, holiday gatherings and other elvish mischief going on. Then I'm off work for almost a week! I can't wait! 

How about your weekend? Did you have any holiday parties or celebrations or are there any coming up?

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  1. I love The Temptations! That's awesome.

    Super busy weekend for you. Love the dress in full length.


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