Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Good, the Bad and the Fugly

Often I find myself randomly musing over things currently going on in my life. Often I decide to blog about these things. Today is one of those days.


I've been on a diet lately...which I've affectionately referred to as Sweating for the Wedding. So far, I've lost about 5 pounds. Five down, a billion (seemingly) to go. No, but as much as I want to be fit and more in shape for the wedding it makes me nervous that I might lose so much weight that I won't be able to fit in my wedding dress. I think I'm either being paranoid or trying to talk myself out of really being gung-ho about it. Perhaps this should go into the bad section? HA!

My first wedding shower is this weekend and it's a Pampered Chef shower. I'm so excited! I LOVE PC stuff!

My wedding dress is now in my possession. I wasn't sure if I'd mentioned that yet. I picked it up last weekend. Interestingly enough, when I was walking out of the bridal store WITH my dress through the parking lot, I ran into M's parents. Of all people to run into...HAHA! But it was in a garment bag, so no peeks were had.

I'm almost completely finished with Christmas shopping. I still have to get a few stocking stuffers, but that's it. The lone person I've still not finished shopping for is seriously the hardest person ever to find gifts for. (I'm looking at you, sister.) So, she'll probably get gift cards, which aren't as fun to give as gifts, but at least you know the other person is happy, right?

I'm loving all the Christmas movies on tv. I watched the Jim Carrey version of the Grinch last night and while I don't love it as much as the original (despite my deep love for Jim Carrey) I do love when they do flashbacks to the Grinch as a kid. Oh man. He's so CUTE and mean. Kind of like Hewitt. :)

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You guys. I just can't. I've been craving a Christmas Tree Cake SO bad. This diet is good and working but I just need a Christmas Tree Cake. For real. They are delicious.

I'm sad that college football is basically over. Yes, my team is going to a bowl game but with the team they are playing...I think it will be a snorefest. The SEC championship would have also been way more interesting had it been Auburn and SC...but...that non-Southern Mizzou team just HAD to have a better record. Bleh.

My NFL team played M's NFL team on Monday. Normally I'll pull for the hometown team, but when they play my team, not so much. M and I had to watch the game separately and weren't allowed to text about the game during the game. It was that bad. :) My team ended up winning which made it a little better worse.

I'm going through a wardrobe BLEH period at work. I just don't feel motivated to try lately. Along the same lines, I have mild panic attacks that Old Navy will stop carrying the kind of yoga pants that I love (which they only carry seasonally) and then mine will rip and I'll be left yoga pantsless.


Ladies and gentlemen, what you are about to see is so heinous, so despicable and so gross that my female card should probably temporarily be removed. As a longtime lover of the gel/shellac manicure, I normally get my nails done every 2 or 3 weeks with it. However, I went an extra week and had to remove the polish myself at home. (not a problem...I've done this before) Usually, I go that next weekend and get them done but I was so busy last weekend that I couldn't go. I decided to paint them myself and did a fine job of it until I took the [red] polish off last night. Not only had it stained my nails pink, but I guess when I was removing the gel it chipped and stripped my nails some. Anyway, I'm just plain embarrassed for them to be seen at work today. I'll be rectifying ASAP and getting an actual mani this weekend. For now, I'll leave you with the fugliest nail pic you've probably seen in a long time...

 I cannot show you an up-close's BAAAAAADDDD...actually, it's fugly. Happy Thursday y'all!


  1. You already have your wedding dress?? I'm so jealous! Mine comes in next month (in almost exactly a month) and I can't wait!!

  2. I got a gel mani once, I didn't like how my nails looked or felt after, so I haven't done it again!

    When is the wedding?

    I LOVE Pampered Chef. I hope you get the brownie pan.


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