Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekend Recap: Holiday Party

The first of 2 holiday parties was this weekend. My company Christmas party. And, oh, how eventful it was, people. Let's just say some people are going to be pretty embarrassed to walk into work on Monday. 

Not me! But, some coworkers of mine. Geez...

Anywho, you must forgive my scary and slightly demonic eyes. The flash made my eyes red and I tried to correct it in a photo editor. I think it just ended up making me look like I have crazy eyes. For real.

Also, if you follow me on Instragram, you'll see this dress again next weekend at M's company Christmas party. I'm getting my money's worth out of this dress. 

Oh and the dress. It came from...Dress Barn! Of all places! They've really stepped up their game in terms of stylish pieces and I was surprised at the number of really cute holiday dresses they had. While they tend to be a bit pricey (this dress was $70)...I figure that wearing it to multiple Christmas parties sort of helps to soften the financial blow. Right? 

I'm hoping I'll get a full-length shot next weekend to show y'all. HAHA. Fingers crossed!

I don't really have any pics of the party itself. Honestly, a lot of my time was consumed watching the aforementioned drunk coworkers make fools of themselves. So, I'm also hoping to take better pics this weekend. Fingers crossed! ;)

Hope your weekend was fun, but not quite as crazy as my coworker's was. HAHA!


  1. You look beautiful--I don't see any crazy eyes. :) Love the dress...will go check it out (don't really need one, but I like it)!

  2. I've gotten great stuff at Dress Barn in the past year, and as long as I wear something to two or three events, it's definitely worth it!


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