Monday, May 12, 2014

Introversion in a Social World

(This photo has nothing to do with my blog post...I just wanted to make this rambling a little prettier.)

I'm never one for small talk. Being an introvert causes me to have some anxiety when it comes to meeting people or socializing with people I don't know very well.

Honestly, when I tell people that or when the fact that I'm an introvert comes up, they are surprised. In some situations where I'm used to people (larger family get-togethers, church functions, etc.) it's uncomfortable for me to talk to new people but I have no problem whatsoever  socializing with those I know well or feel like know me well. 

Social media has given introverts like me a false sense of security when it comes to socializing with people I don't know. The thought of telling someone that I like their necklace or that i agree with their viewpoint is much easier behind the "walls" of a computer screen and keyboard than to do in person. I have no problem putting out some random (often ridiculous) thought on Twitter but couldn't imagine telling a perfect stranger that. 

Do you see this great dichotomy? I can be much more of a social person when I use social media or even other forms of digital communication like email.

Today starts a 2-day conference at work where all of the marketing people from the firm I work for are convening in Charlotte for our annual conference. These are people that I've communicated with for almost 2 years but have never actually met in person. Digital communication/email/IM/phone calls have enabled me to get to a place where I feel comfortable with I have I meet them in person. So, cue the nerves.

I know I can't be the only introverted blogger in the world. Is anyone else this way??


  1. It's interesting because I consider myself introverted, but told a lot of personal things during the course of my blog. I always thought it was weird that I would verbalize thoughts on the blog that I never would've in person.

  2. I'm a weird mix between introvert and extrovert. I consider myself an introvert, but most people who know me would likely tell you I'm an extrovert. It's weird and interesting to think about.


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