Thursday, May 8, 2014

Disney Fashion Inspiration Part XI: Anna & Elsa

A long time ago in a land far away, I used to do Disney Fashion Inspiration posts where I created a modern outfit based on a Disney character. Eventually, I kind of ran out of characters to use.

I just recently watched Frozen for the first time. (And yes, I was late to the Frozen train.) After watching, I decided that Anna and Elsa should have their fair turn at a fashion inspiration post.

So without further adieu...
For Anna's look, I kept with her basic color scheme (which is actually very do-able on it's own and doesn't require a lot of creative interpretation). A cobalt midi skirt and a black tank under a plum-colored cardigan give you Anna's basic silhouette. I decided to replicate the design on Anna's dress with a colorful statement necklace. Anna's boots were replaced with wedges and I added a black bag. (for all your modern adventures)

I'm kind of obsessed with Elsa's look in the movie. I've always loved that pale, white-blonde and blue-eyed look. Elsa's modern outfit was mostly about piling on different tones of blue and silver. Plus, she got a Fendi bag. (When you're the queen, you can afford a Fendi bag, right?) I kept her look very "daytime" in contrast to her icy gown. This look could easily work in an office or for a wedding or church. You can be an Elsa whenever you want with this look!

Actually, this kind of felt like cheating. It was easy to do a modern adaptation of these looks. Maybe because this Disney movie is more close to our current time period and their clothes are a little closer to what people today might wear. Well, more so than for Pocahontas or Jasmine, right?

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