Tuesday, May 27, 2014

[Long] Weekend Recap

This weekend was a packed one, y'all!

I got my hair cut! I did the obligatory post-wedding chop. I LOVE IT! I've had longer hair for a few years running now, so it's taking some getting used to but is so cool and fresh for the summer!

M and I went to a wedding this weekend  and it was our first one attending as a married couple. It was weird to introduce people to "my husband". And it was a wedding of a childhood friend of mine that M had met a few times so he didn't really know a whole lot of people there...he was a good sport though. Most of the people he knew were my family...so...that was fun. HA!

My fam at the wedding. Parents in the top right and my sister in the lower left.
My friend who got married, married a beautiful lady with great taste. Her wedding was sort of a vintage/classy theme with rustic elements and her colors were blush, peach, aqua/turquoise, and gold. Look how gorgeous the table decorations were! I seriously wanted to take everything home. (but I didn't...)

We ended the weekend with a barbecue (not a cookout...see Friday's post!) at M's parents' house. M proceeded to get onto the hammock multiple times and this was the result. (I'm not posting the video in an effort to spare my husband's dignity...and to keep y'all from having to listen to my horribly annoying guffaws of laughter.) Sadly these photos were taken over the course of 3 attempts. The 4th and final attempt was successful! And...he saved the drink. It was in a Tervis, so...yeah.

Bless. Just bless.

Not pictured:
- Gluten-Free pizza night (more on this later)
- Neighborhood pool issues > spending a pool morning at a friend's pool
- A trip to Lowe's for flowers, potting soil, tiki torches and tiki torch fuel for our back patio (pics to come later)

What did y'all do this weekend?


  1. bahahaha love that you got the hammock attempt on camera lol

  2. So here's some randomness - I used to babysit that bride! I grew up with her older siblings, and on the rare occasion one of them couldn't babysit, I would fill in. Wow, I'm old. ;P

  3. I die over those hammock pictures. SO HILARIOUS.

    I love the table decor and your wife chop!

  4. thank you for not taking photos of said morning at a friends pool :)


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