Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Getting Ready

In an effort to avoid a post of 70 million pictures, I've decided to break up my wedding photos into topical posts. Today's post are the "getting ready" photos. You can click here to see previous Wedding Wednesday posts.

My sisters and my mom helping me with my dress.

My fave part of this picture is the hand with the box of tissues. :)

Me and Moms.

Our precious flower girl. (and my new niece!)
My corset was snug. I requested assistance to get my shoes on. :)

A sweet bridal party prayer before the ceremony.

M getting ready.

M and his precious mama. :)
Well, I hope you enjoyed these photos. Come back next week for some ceremony pics!


  1. Love! I needed assistance getting my shoes on, too, and I didnt have a corset (but man those dresses dont give you much "bendy" room). Can't wait to see the rest! I posted my "getting ready" pictures today too (same wedding date, same wedding posts haha)

  2. I wore flip flops or I would've needed assistance too! hahaha


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