Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: The Wedding Party

M and I are blessed to have LOTS of close friends so in an effort to avoid having a million people in our wedding party, we kept it to two each. It was easy with me because I just had both of my sisters. M had his brother and his best friend as his groomsmen.

Rarely do my sisters and I get photos of the three of us so I was excited to have a few good ones. :) M and his groomsmen are typical guys and didn't really care much for having their photos taken. Oh well. :D


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  1. Love that you had your sisters! I never got having like 10 bridesmaids, I think it personally would be less meaningful for me to have that many

  2. I love that you had your sisters, that makes it easy! Their dresses are great, too. LOVE the flowers with the striped ribbon!! You look beautiful, too, by the way!! :)

  3. Love the ribbon on your flowers. Great photos of your bridal party. I love weddings!

  4. Having a small wedding party was much easier in my opinion. I posted about the same thing today.

  5. Great pics! I have one sister, and 3 sister in laws. They are all about 10-20 years older, and I will hopefully have them read at my wedding. Having a big family is tough-especially when picking a wedding party.


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