Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: The Ceremony

Today's Wedding Wednesday post recaps the photos from the ceremony. This one is kinda long, so I'm going to put a break in it. Also, I'll provide a bit of commentary along the way... :)

M's grandparents escorted by his brother and best man.

My grandparents

My other grandparents

M's parents

My parents

M and his groomsmen along with the pastor. Their entrance song? This one. Nope, not even joking.

Our flower girl. :)

And here's where I'll explain my entry. I made a little video type thing for my entry. Right after the bridesmaids and flower girl, I had a sort of "checklist" video that went through everyone there asking who was missing. It was all timed to my processional music...which is a string version of one of my most favorite songs. As the music swells, the video told everyone to "Turn around" and that's when I was going to walk in. I'd prepared myself for this by listening to the song and watching the video a ton to sort of desensitize myself.

Well, it didn't work. I started crying like a baby as soon as I walked in. The below two photos are of me trying to not cry. Unsuccessful, I was. Oh, here's the song I walked in to. The church doors opened and I walked in around :58 in the song.

M's grandfather is an ordained minister so he did the unity candle part of the service. He said some sweet words and read a scripture while explaining the purpose of the unity candle while we lit it.

Our good friends Chris and Lauren sang a beautiful version of "Our God" after the unity candle moment.

Then, you know, normal wedding stuff like vows and rings and such, followed by the kiss! But right after we were pronounced husband and wife, the first thing our pastor did was pray with us. It was awesome! Then we kissed. :)

We're pronounced husband and wife!

I just have to show a few pics of my gorgeous sisters. We didn't have any of them coming down the aisle (from the front) but these more than make up for it. Aren't they beautiful?

 I know the colored lights on the curtains look teal, purple and dark purple in the photos. But they were actually pink, green and dark blue. They just photographed a little differently. You know I had my stuff matchin'! :)

(see? blue, green and pink)

Come back next Wednesday for reception photos! Click here to view previous wedding posts.

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  1. Beautiful!! And the pictures captured so much joy from everyone!


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