Saturday, March 5, 2011

disney fashion inspiration III

Back by popular demand, (all 2 of you!) here is yet another Disney fashion inspiration post. This time I've dedicated the whole post to Cinderella as requested by one of my most regular readers, Amie.

So, here is Miss Cinderellie in her maid outfit...

And then the modern inspiration outfit...

Then, here is Miss Cinderella's famous blue gown.

And the modern, casual inspiration.

Gosh, I'm a sucker for seersucker. Ugh. I need that last outfit, like now.

Image credits: Cinderella Maid (tank: shakti activewear, bolero:, skirt: topshop, shoes: rocketdog, ring: forever 21) Cinderella Blue Dress (dress: american eagle, shoes: stuart weitzman, necklace: disney couture, clutch: amici)


  1. I love the clear jelly sandals. Not 'love' as in I'd wear them but 'love' as in they are perfect as the modern day class slipper.

    Also, ditto to what Jill said.

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