Wednesday, March 2, 2011

diy fabric flowers

I'm a lover of the flowers. (in case you haven't noticed)

I'm also a lover of the crafts. (also in case you haven't noticed)

This combines the best of both worlds. I found this super-easy tutorial online after making my own at a stamping party. The tutorial I found uses heat from a votive candle and it's just as good as a heat gun...and way cheaper.

Here's the tutorial. (I'd copy and paste it but it's really detailed and has pictures!)
The author gives great tips to which I'd like to add the following:
- Keep the fabric moving or it's VERY easy to burn your fingers
-Tealights work best because the larger the candle, the hotter and larger the flame.
-Any "silky" or "netty" fabric works best. I've experimented with nylon, organza, rayon and polyester. Old polyester shirts from Goodwill or a thrift store are PERFECT!

Here are a few of my results!!

I added bobby pins and safety pins (brooch pins) to the back of mine but you could put them on headbands, ribbon (for bracelets) or even a bunch of them as a belt.


  1. You made those!?!?! They look super good! Can I have a few for my bday please??

  2. YES!!! Absolutely my friend. :)


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