Thursday, March 3, 2011

3 lists on 3/3

Today is 3/3. In honor of the day's triplicity (Is that a word? I was trying to make the triplet of duplicity) I'm publishing 3 lists of sorts.

On a side note, I love lists. I keep random lists for and of everything. So I will share 3 random ones of mine with all of blogosphere...

Five Things That Are Currently Making Me Happy:
1. Cherry trees
2. Cookout hamburgers
3. Odell ballet flats from Target
4. Bold-tipped ballpoint pens
5. Bob

Flavors of Ice Cream I Abhor:
1. Butter Pecan
2. Coffee
3. Toffee
4. Praline
5. Mocha
6. Almond
7. Cherry

Six Most Quotable Movies Ever (According to ME and in random order)
1. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
2. Step Brothers
3. Dumb & Dumber
4. School of Rock
5. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
6. Major Payne

What are some random lists you'd like to share?


  1. Things that are making me happy:
    -White Chocolate Mochas
    -Thoughts of Europe
    -Having a clean desk at work

    : )

  2. People I admire:
    - April Geiger
    - Ashton Geiger
    - Amie Berryhill
    - Jill Stuckey
    - Abi England

  3. Oh la la ... We have an anonymous admirer. I like it.

    Also, I should definitely have had -Trees on my list.

  4. So, I am not a regular here. I actually do think I read all of your blogs April, just in large chunks. I feel compelled to say to anonymous that anyone who admires those 5 people should also get to know Meghan E. Murray :)

  5. AGREED! Meghan Murray is a delicious woman! :)

    Who are these anonymous commenters?

  6. I think the first anonymous commenter may have been Stephanie Hardy. : ) She is Jill's most regular anonymous commenter. And I also think she admires those people. And I also also think she would definitely love and admire Meghan E. Murray.


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