Wednesday, March 23, 2011

diy: hanging tissue paper balls

Decorating on the cheap is no joke. I recently made a bunch of these tissue paper flower balls to hang for party decorations and was thrilled at the result.

I remembered making a version of these in elementary school but they were flat-bottomed and had pipe cleaner "stems". The general resurgence of tissue paper flower balls can be attributed to my wonderful friend Amie who got me hooked a few months ago. Since then I've been snapping up pretty colors of tissue paper wherever I can find it. Heck, I even ironed old wrinkled paper to use for some. HA!

Interested in making some? Here's how!

Note: Cut your tissue squares in the size you want your flower ball to be. So the larger the squares, the bigger the flower ball. Smaller squares yield a tiny flower ball.

That's it! It's amazing how a simple elementary school craft can look so chic!


  1. I'm still obsessed. I want to hang a zillion yellow ones in my classroom when we study the solar system!

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