Friday, March 11, 2011

friday fashion: no pants spring!

This spring, I'm not wearing any pants! In this case, I'm speaking literally and not figuratively. Warmer weather ushers in the ability to wear cute dresses and not freeze your booty off outside. Plus, dresses/skirts are way cooler (literally and figuratively but only figuratively if you're female) and cuter than jeans or slacks any day!
So, I'm making a pledge to wear only dresses and skirts as much as humanly possible starting March 21st (the first official day of spring). Why don't you join me? It's not hard to do, especially when places like are coming out with fantastic frocks like this...

Chant it with me, "No Pants Spring! No Pants Spring!" Amen.


  1. Just remember no summer white or open toe shoes before Easter!

  2. Okay, Anonymous, I'm down with the summer white, but open-toed shoes? No way! I need me some flip flops! :)

  3. oh gosh. i want all of those!!


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