Tuesday, March 15, 2011

top 5 tuesday: 5 impractical shoes

Everyone loves impractical shoes, right? Or is that just me... ?

For today's Top 5 Tuesday post, I'm listing my top 5 pairs of impractical shoes. These are those shoes that you see in the store and think, "Oh, I would LOVE to have them but I just don't know when I'd wear them!" Those shoes that you need the perfect outfit to go with. You see, these shoes are "impractical" because they are extraordinary, unusual or unique. "Impractical" doesn't necessarily mean expensive...because some of them were thrifted and the others came from discount stores or were gifts!

So, here they are!

Sparkly Gold Stiletto Pumps from Rack Room Shoes (X-Appeal)

L- Mustard Yellow Bow Tie Kitten Heels from Target (Xhilaration) but thrifted new with tags on from Goodwill
R- Pink Crocodile Stiletto Pumps from Burlington Coat Factory (not sure the maker...they're old)

Plaid Boat Shoes from Rue 21

Salmon Embellished Ballet Flats that my sis brought me back from Hawaii

Do you have any impractical shoes that you just HAD to have? How often do you get to wear them?

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  1. I always have loved your gold sparkly pumps. You know I have the perfect nail polish to match them! : )

    Also, I bought those same yellow shoes but almost never feel confident enough to wear them. The last time I wore them was Tacky Day at school.

    What is missing from your list: Your red with white polka dot pumps. I think you got rid of them because they were a size or two too big.

    P.S. I miss you.


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