Thursday, March 10, 2011

fave font freebies

I do enjoy a good, legible and unique font. While I have a penchant for serifed fonts (like Georgia, Courier and a few others) I also enjoy some sans serif and cursive fonts. For those of you that have absolutely no idea what I just said here's a little, brief explanation of different font styles.

Fonts can literally make or break a piece of written/printed material. For example, look at the difference in these 3 sentences...

1. I have 72 pairs of shoes.

2. I have 72 pairs of shoes.

3. I have 72 pairs of shoes.

Is there one that appeals to you more than others? There definitely is for me.

Anywho, so I wanted to share with you a link to a free download of my current favorite font. It's called Homemade Apple and is offered here on Blogger but wasn't available to download for personal use until now. You can go here to view the font and follow the instructions to download it. It's free! It may not work for everything you want to do, but it definitely is legible enough for everyday use. :)

To install the font on your computer (PC only) you can just download the font and unzip (extract) the contents in the folder. (you download the zip file) Then just open up your Control Panel and drag the TT or OT file once it is extracted and drop it into the Fonts folder in the control panel.



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