Friday, March 18, 2011

friday fashion: nude wedges

This spring, nude wedge sandals are a must-have. Why?

Well, a nude color goes with anything and wedges are the next-best-thing to heels and WAY easier to walk in. They give the lifted look and height of heels without all the back straining and foot stressing.

Here are some cuties that I really love from

A word on color: by "nude" I mean fleshtone. For me, (sadly) bone, almond or off-white colored is fleshtone. So, the examples I'll be showing are in those colors. Most of these shoes are available in more...ahem...tanned tones. But, by having shoes that are close to your skin tone, it gives the appearance of longer and more shapely legs. BONUS!!

Now, I'll take my favorite pair of the bunch and show you how nude wedges can go with just about any outfit you want.

Clearly, any of these cute dresses from Modcloth go perfectly with nude wedges.

Or if you're more of a jean capris-and-a-tank type of girl, this look is for you. (Old Navy clothing)

Or if you'd rather rock a skirt than a dress or capris, this works just as well too! (Old Navy clothing)

See?!?! You literally can wear these puppies with ANYTHING.


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