Tuesday, March 22, 2011

top 5 tuesday: crafting necessities

As of late I've been bitten by the crafting bug and wanted to spend most of my free time doing crafts, reading about crafts, blogging about crafts or reading other people's blogs about crafts. I have a lil' bit of the crafty gene, but not quite as much as I've seen from some blogs. Some people just get a whim and put together a ballgown with a shower curtain, sewing machine and glitter glue. I'm not quite that talented. So, I stick with the basic crafts that mostly anyone can do...with the right supplies.

Today's top 5 post comes from personal lessons learned about what the average crafter should keep around the house.

1. Sharpies. Enough said. Anything from monograming a cute book cover to filling in nicks and scratches on furniture.
2. Blank cardstock. You can actually purchase blank cards with blank envelopes that are pre-scored (have a fold already in them). This makes a handmade card a quick and easy project.
3. Hot glue gun. You can pretty much hot glue anything together. This goes for fabric, wood, plastic, natural materials and your fingertips...on a dare...but I digress.
4. Magazines/Stickers. I love clipping out cute pictures from magazines or letters for making cards or other crafts. Stickers are also pretty handy for when you need some quick embellishments.
5. Tissue paper. This can make beautiful decorations, be mod-podged onto frames/furniture/jars/etc, or even torn and watered down to make pulp for handmade paper. It has many, many uses!

Any of you crafties out there want to add to my list?

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