Thursday, March 31, 2011

weekend sewing project...and advice

Ladies and Germs I'm going to attempt a rather daunting sewing project this weekend. Well, let me explain why I use the word "daunting"...lately I've been having trouble keeping the needle threaded and I've been having problems with the bottom threads (coming from the bobbin) bunching up. I'm not sure if I should just change my needle more or what. It sews, but it's just annoying to keep re-threading the needle every few times I go to make some stitches.

But anyway, I stumbled across a skirt tutorial on this cute, little blog I follow called Yellow Songbird.
Supposedly, this is a super easy project for beginners, so we shall see how it works. I'd love to be able to make a cute skirt (or 5) for when the weather warms up again.

In the last few days I've been browsing around, looking for fabric that I'd like to use. I want to use a print (probably a stripe or damask/medallion print) but I'm having trouble finding some that I really like. I found a few that I like from Etsy, but you have to buy large quantities of them and I'm not ready to commit to 15 yards of fabric just yet. :)

Here are the ones I like. Any suggestions as to where I can find some modern, pretty fabric? (either online or in store)

NICEY JANE by Heather Bailey, Pocketbook in moss, 1 yardWEEKENDS by Erin McMorris, Lollies in peach, 1 yardSoul Blossom by Amy Butler, Buttercups in cyan, 1 yard

Zakka Nautical Country Pink Yellow Black Colorful Stripes Fabric Cloth Set 3's 56 x 19  inches EachAmy Butler Fabric-Lotus-Full Moon Polka Dot and Wall Flower-Full Yard Set-2 Yards Total

Any ideas/suggestions/advice is welcome and appreciated!


  1. Have you looked at Calico Corner (E. Woodlawn)? I was there last weekend and they have so many great fabrics. Although many of them are considered upholstery fabrics, they would make really cute skirts - great pattern and texture. Also, The Sleepy Poet ( has a great Vintage section. Sometimes they have fabric or you might also be able to cut up some of the Vintage clothes to get the fabric or trim you need. Good Luck!!

  2. ...from the bat caveMarch 31, 2011 at 11:32 AM

    First time noter, long time reader...I'm not sure what kind of machine you're using, but I used to have the thread issues if I didn't leave myself a long enough tail of thread when I start/finish. Could it be a thread tension issue?
    Love the patterns, good luck!

  3. Hi Bat Cave!! (Do I know you??)

    I'm using a Singer Simple. I think you might be on to something because it does seem like I seem to have fewer problems with machine unthreading when I have a longer tail thread/more tension. As for the's mostly at the start of sewing so maybe leaving more tail thread will solve both problems?!?!

  4. We should totally go to Mary Jo's fabric store this weekend! There are zillions of beautiful prints there!

    I love the very bottom right print the best. Powder blue is so lovely.


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