Wednesday, November 2, 2011

cold weather color

It's starting to get real nippy outside, y'all. I have to wear a jacket when I let Hewitt out in the mornings and evenings. It won't be too long before we'll have to start getting bundled up in coats and scarves.

As the weather turns colder, let this post serve as a source of encouragement to wear more color this winter. For some reason, many clothing retailers decide that because it's cold outside people should wear boringly dull colors. But that shouldn't be the case, friends! I challenge you to incorporate lots of color into your winter wardrobe this year and I can't think of a better way to start off than by colorizing your coat-and-scarf combo!

Here are some coat and scarf color combinations that I'm all about right now.
So, obviously this color-blocking trend is still pretty popular this season. Even for those of you who are "color-phobic" can start incorporating more color into your cold-weather wardrobe. Maybe the idea of having a colorful winter coat scares, start small. Try a brightly colored (read: not black, white, gray, brown or navy) scarf. Or try a patterned scarf. Pair it with your neutral coat and see how you like it. Then, maybe add a brightly colored hat or gloves. Once you're comfortable with that, then go for the colorful coat.

I, honestly, can't wait to start looking for pretty scarves to go with my red coat. Maybe I'll try yellow...or, maybe purple....

Happy Wednesday!


  1. It's funny, my winter jacket is one of the few items I am always bold with. One year I had a cream and black floral hoodie that I got tons of compliments on. Last year it was a turquoise knit motorcycle jacket ($12 at Walmart!). I guess I like a pop of color or pattern when it's cold and grey outside.

  2. I LOVE that yellow scarf with the trim. How fun and cozy!

  3. LOVE the colors and scarves you picked. I get bummed everytime I see these scarves that I love because they all are about $20 which I can't just throw around nowadays!


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