Monday, November 7, 2011

an inviting bed

After spending much of the weekend sleeping on an air mattress I've never been more of a fan of a good ol' comfy bed. Now, I'm definitely the type of gal who likes her bed to be prim and proper and made up tidily (is that a word??) when company is around. Meaning-I'm not one to leave a bed looking like the pictures below, however, they seriously look so comfy and inviting.

I think Ikea does an exceptional job of staging their beds to look like you can just jump right into them. Here are a few of my fave shots from their website.

The Ikea room stylists have a knack for making a slightly messy bed look so inviting, don't you think? I hope you're able to sleep in a comfy bed tonight!

PS: Photos from the wedding this weekend will be coming soon so stay tuned!


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