Tuesday, November 22, 2011

day 2: 5 a days

I know someone who thinks of 5 things to be thankful for every morning. She calls them “5 a Days”. Literally, anything that is on her mind turns into a prayer of thankfulness. I’ve heard her give thanks for beautiful sunrises, a French toast bagel, being forgiven, the sound of her children laughing, Diet Dr. Pepper and her church.
So, today, I encourage you to post a short list of 5 things that you’re thankful for RIGHT NOW. As you read this post, what are you thankful for? Make a list of the 5 and leave me a comment so others can be inspired to give thanks as well.
My 5 a day for today:
1)      Quiet, early mornings at home.
2)      My Christmas tree (it’s up!)
3)      My sweet, sweet, warm and furry puppy head
4)      My loving grandparents
5)      Reaping the benefits of my Bath & Body Works gift card
What about you? What are your 5 today?

Be sure to tune in to ALOTAT tomorrow for a special guest post about being thankful.


  1. I am thankful:
    1) that my kids are healthy
    2) that my kids get along
    3) for my husband who is using his time off this week to do lots of things for me (today he taking my car to in to get some recalls repaired)
    4) for Starbucks Cafe Verona
    5) that my kids love books

  2. I love my quiet time in the morning too. Before the crazy of the day starts. Me, Coffee, a little time with God and I am ready. Happy day to you.


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