Friday, November 4, 2011

insta friday!

I'm back with another edition of Insta Friday!!! Unfortunately, I don't have many interesting pics to show you, but I'll try anyway.

So, this week consisted of a LOT of driving. Like, a whole lot. Like, three 4-plus-hour car trips within 5 days. :( And the drive is super boring. It's a pretty isolated road in some spots and then in other spots it goes straight through a town. SO...

I give you the on-the-road-again version of Insta Friday!

This is my frog face. Oh, and excuse the no-makeup look...early morning. :)

On my car trips, I pretty much drive due west the entire time. That, coupled with the fact that I got really early starts for both trips, made for a nice sunrise in my rearview and side mirrors.

There was some CRAZY fog yesterday. It would be sunny and clear and then the fog would decend like a mist...

One of my fave parts of the ride is crossing over the Pee Dee River.

I'm pretty sure that Hewitt was asleep in my car on the road trip. That's normal...being asleep while sitting up is not so normal.

Well friends, that about does it for me and today's Insta Friday post. I'm linking up with Jeannett for today's Insta Friday. Today also resumes the wedding festivities (started last night) so I'll be snapping more Instagram pics for next week's post too!

life rearranged

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!

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  1. Beautiful shots. And from your car! Your dog is adorable. Our little chihuahua doesn't care for the car. I would take her everywhere if she did :)


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