Friday, November 11, 2011

insta Friday: collage edition

After seeing the cool Insta gram collages on Kim's blog this week, I decided that I'd try my hand at some Instacollages for this week's Insta Friday post. Also, I'm linking up with Jeannett again for Insta Friday at Life Rearranged.

I had to take some Instas during the wedding this past weekend. I also was pretty much in love with having my nails done in a french mani. I never get them done...EVER, so this was a treat. I kept staring at them thinking they weren't mine. Too bad they only lasted 2 days... :( I'm so hard on my nails. Also, here are the earrings I wore in the wedding and my hurrr do.

There was a legendary meeting of the pups this week. My roommate was dog sitting for a cute li'l beagle pup named Digger. He and Hewitt got along swimmingly after they initial meeting. Only, Digger kept thinking that Hewitt's fluffy tail was a toy and kept pouncing on it. After awhile they went their separate ways and fell asleep.

I'm so looking forward to a weekend at home in Wilmington. This will be the first weekend in a long time that I've spent at home...doing nothing. I seriously can't wait. Not only do I have lots of cleaning to do, but I just might find some craft time in there and some time to explore some new local eateries in Wilmington.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend.

And to all of the Veterans who have served and are continuing to serve our country. I speak for many in saying, "thank you".


  1. I like that you already are referring to Wilmington as "home". : )

  2. your collages turned out fabulous! :)


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