Friday, April 15, 2011

fashion friday: color combos

It's time for another edition of Fashion Friday.

I recently was asked to help a friend out with her wardrobe. (you can read her interpretation of the evening here) She has LOTS of clothes but seemed to be stuck when it comes to wearing color. She often resorted to just wearing black or brown with any kind of color because she thought that you couldn't pair certain colors together or that you always had to include a neutral color in an outfit.

It was so fun to watch someone get so excited about wearing color! She pretty much had a whole new wardrobe and didn't have to buy anything! That's what so good about color. You can use a color palette from anything (a magazine, a flower, a photo) and try to reproduce it within your wardrobe. It makes you look at old stuff in brand new ways.

I really enjoy wearing color. You'd be hard pressed to find me in neutrals without some sort of "pop". Here are a few of my current favorite color combinations.

I call this one the "Citrus" look. It's bright purple, tangerine/coral and citrine.
Clothes: Old Navy Shoes: Target

This one is the "Cool" palette. It's light yellow, kelly green, light blue and navy.
Clothes: Old Navy Shoes: Target

This is the "Prep" look. It is hot pink, kelly green, navy and pale yellow.
Skirt/Shirt: Old Navy Shoes: Frye Molly Cardigan: Pink

Honestly, they don't even need to be restricted to clothing, but for today's fashion post, we'll stick with that.
I encourage you to take a wild chance on color. It is unbelievably mood-enhancing!


  1. I still don't think I could do this on my own, so it's good to see you do a few more color combos for me.

  2. Love how all of your outfits incorporate a lot of color!

    Monique xx


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