Tuesday, April 12, 2011

top 5 tuesday: happy list

I borrowed this idea from my friend Jill's blog. She posted a list of things that make her happy. Her, "happy list", if you will. I love positive blogging, so here's mine condensed into a Top 5 Tuesday post. Feel free to repost on your blog, facebook note or any other way you can think of to spread the positivity!

Top 5 Things That Are Currently Making Me Happy*

-pastels (especially on all the Easter stuff out now)
-wearing dresses and skirts
-blooming dogwood trees
-Zone Perfect chocolate chip cookie dough protein bars (OMG)

What are the top 5 things that you're happy about right now?

*Things and Actions...not people. Because, you know, someone might get offended if I left them out. ;)


  1. April, glad we could help sweeten your day! Is that your favorite ZonePerfect flavor? ~Brittany @ZonePerfect

  2. Zone Perfect,
    Right now, I'm all about the cookie dough ones but I also love the Double Dark Chocolate. Yummy!


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