Tuesday, April 26, 2011

top 5 tuesday: favorite photos of 2010

For today's Top 5 Tuesday post, I'm going to post the top 5 favorite [candid] photos that I've taken this past year. None of these will ever make it into my Etsy shop, but they are still special to me.

The sister (Ashton) and me driving home.

I took this at the SC State Fair. Note how the Deep Fried Butter patron is a skinny lady. HA!

I just randomly took some pics of our feet while we were standing around at a party.

Ashton, my sister, is half arctic spider-monkey.

Hewitt, playing with his corn-cob "baby".

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  1. I always loved that foot picture. Actually, you took a lot of good ones at that Hardy Party. : )


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