Friday, April 8, 2011

fashion friday: return of the natural waist

There is cause for celebration in the fashion world my friends. That cause is the return of the natural waist in dresses! Whoo hoo!

No longer will those of us who have womanly figures (and not those of a pre-pubescent boy) be subject to empire waists! No longer will women who are "pears" or "hourglasses" be subject to looking like a shapeless blob of fabric! No longer will we worry about appearing "in the family way" because of the cut of the dress or the waistline! (Can I get an AMEN?)


Because of the return of the natural waistline to dresses. Yes, ladies, we have a waist that is located near the end of our ribcage above the navel...not directly underneath our armpits. The natural waist dress allows you to nip in at the smallest part of the torso...the actual waist. Empire waisted dresses nip in at the rib area and the fabric just hangs from that point. By nipping in the cut at your natural waist, you get an overall slimming effect. (Can I get another AMEN?)

The good news is that many, many retailers are catching on. I've spied natural waist dresses at Old Navy, Target, Forever 21 and lots of online retailers like Modcloth and Shabby Apple. Speaking of Shabby Apple, here are a few of their natural waist dresses. (Okay, now you can drool...)


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