Wednesday, April 27, 2011

there is no X in espresso

There is no "X" in the word "espresso", people.

I saw a picture on a blog I follow that stated that fact. It got me thinking about other random grammar rules or idioms that people always get wrong. As a self-proclaimed wordsmith who is a stickler for correct grammar and word usage, it will irritate me to no end (correct use of that idiom) when people don't check what they say or write before they do it. Just because we're in the texting age doesn't mean that everything you type or write or say should be in "textage".

Am I alone on this? I hope not.

Here are some of the big ones that bother me...

1. When someone says "expresso" instead of "espresso". No, you're not asking them to make it extra fast, you're asking for a strong shot of coffee. Ugh.
2. Incorrect use of the word "your". Perfect example: Person A texts, "Your stupid." Person B texts, "No, you're stupid for using the wrong word".
3. Incorrect use of the idiom, "I couldn't care less". How many times do you hear someone say, "I could care less." Really? You can actually care less? Because then that means you care a lot about it.
4. There is no "X" in the word "ask." The end.
5. Incorrect use of the idiom "For all intents and purposes." This one was brought to my attention by my dear friend, DCB. It's not "for all intensive purposes"...even though it may sound correct when saying it, it definitely can't be mistaken when you write/type it out.

Are their they're there any of these things that bother you to two too? Or is it just my OCD?? :)


  1. I *hate* bad grammar! And I refuse to use text-speak, other than a few abbreviations when texting with friends.

    How about "Me and my friend are blah blah blahhing." No, no. You should say "My friend and I..."

    Or using "like" as a placeholder instead of um or uh. Does not make one sound smart. And too many uses of the word "like" makes me cringe. Is this as common in the south as it is up north?

  2. Oh yes. "Like" is the new "um", unfortunately. :)

  3. It's not just you on this one! Things like this drive me absolutely up a wall. There are some members of me family who say for example "I like peas." "So DON"T I" but they mean that they actually do like peas. I DON"T want to slap someone when they say that. I have a cousin who i love dearly but who says "like" like every three words (did you catch my joke?) and also uses "literally" and legit" as placeholders when they make absolutely no sense to do so. Arghhhhh

  4. Yes! The espresso thing is really what kills me. Working in a coffee shop means that I hear it a lot- even by people I work with!

    It is truly terrible.


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