Friday, April 29, 2011

fashion friday: royal edition

Ok, so I was one of those people yesterday who was asking what the deal was with all of this Royal Wedding hype. After watching some of the highlights and live events this morning, I've changed my tune a bit.

A few brief comments...

1. Simply stunning.

Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, emerge from the church after the wedding ceremony with Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton in the background
Double kiss: The newly-married couple share their first public kiss on the balcony as thousands of screaming well-wishers watch

2. Victoria and David Beckham. So chic.

3. Oh, the hats. Oh the fascinators. Why can't we do this in America more?

4. Yay for modesty!

What are your Royal thoughts?


  1. You should make hats and sleeves mandatory for your wedding. I would rock a hat, and possibly some sleeves. However, I will not be wearing a white choir dress carrying your train :)

  2. I loved Pippa's dress. Although, I was surprised that it was also white. I'm so glad Kate wore her hair down, it's so beautiful. She looked amazing. Too bad William's not as good looking as when he was a teenager.

  3. Oh Jill, I agree. Although I've always thought that Harry was the cuter prince, William's cute factor has somewhat deteriorated with the loss of his hair. He's also got that iconic Windsor toothy-look. Google him, Princess Margaret, Princess Beatrice and Prince Charles. HA!

    Ash, I will consider it...when and if said event happens.

  4. April, I was like you, was not going to watch. Glad I did....she is so beautiful...they look genuinely reminded me of what I imagined when reading fairy tales when I was a little girl. Glad I still have it in me :)

  5. I actually wanted to watch...and BatBaby is usually hungry at that time. I'm so glad I was awake for it. It was absolutely beautiful! For being such a huge event, it felt so intimate.
    I loved the fashion and the hats! And the Queen! For being 85, she's still got it!

    I hope they were able to have a private moment together while they were signing the registry and wedding certificate. Everything was sooo public for them. I still remember that moment after we walked out of the chapel and had a moment to breathe and say "we're finally married" before being deluged with the rest of the festivities.

  6. Your pictures are the first I've seen of any of it. SHE IS STUNNING. I really hope that in 15 years time we won't look back and think "ewww".


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