Thursday, April 7, 2011

shoes on sevens

Today is April 7th, so this calls for another edition of Shoes on Sevens! (where I post a picture and witty commentary about whatever pair of shoes I happen to be wearing that day)

Today's pair comes to me from Let me just say this is pretty much my favorite pair of shoes right now...even though this is the first time I've actually worn them out of the house. But the reason these are my favorite is partly because they were so inexpensive. I don't spend more than $40 on any shoes (except athletic shoes) so, when I saw that these were only $25, I bought them! After all, this color does go with anything, right?

Note: I realize that I look very tan in this picture, which is highly abnormal for me. I'll chalk it up to an auto-fix exposure button on my photo editing software and the use of Avon's Satin Glow gradual bronzing lotion. 
Note 2: The gigantic bruise on my left shin is due to an unfortunate run-in (literally) with B's open dishwasher door.
Note 3: If you're still reading at this point, congratulations and thank you.


  1. You rock some wedges.

    And you ALWAYS have a gigantic bruise somewhere.

  2. This is quite true Ames. My bruises should be documented photographically.


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