Tuesday, April 19, 2011

hair feathering?

I was introduced to this concept of hair feathering by my sister, who is a Cosmetologist/Hair Do-er. Hair feathering is basically hair extensions that are made out of fly fishing feathers and are attached with a little crimp bead to your hair. Upon first hearing about it, my initial thought was "Really? That sounds like something that Ketchup...I mean Kesha (I refuse to spell her name with a $) would do." But, after I saw a few pictures of it, I changed my mind. It can be as subtle or as striking as you want.

And apparently this is so popular that outdoor equipment stores are selling out of fly fishing lures/feathers as soon as they get shipments in. When my sister went to buy hers an employee told  her that another hair stylist was in earlier and bought $700 worth of them.

These feather extensions are NOT clip-on. They stay in your hair until you cut them out or you break the bead that holds them. Because the fly fishing feathers are made from real rooster feathers (pipe down PETA people...the roosters don't die to lose their feathers), you're able to wash and dry them like you would normal hair. If you want to go this route, expect to shell out at least $20 per pack of feathers. You can get about 3 or 4 extensions from each pack...depending on how thick you want them. These usually come in what I call "natural" colors. What you'd find on a rooster...or a human. Blondish, black and white, ginger, brown, etc.

There is a cheaper alternative that uses artificial feathers (those are the un-natural colors you might see like pink, blue, red and pure white) but these are just clip ons and can't be washed, dried and styled as normal.

My sister, being the trendsetting machine that she is, decided to try it. She got another hair stylist friend to put them in (apparently it takes some skill to apply) and here are the results.

It's pretty subtle on her hair but still provides some cool texture. You can also trim to the length of your hair.

While I don't know if I'll try this trend, I'm definitely a fan of the artistic texture-y look it creates.


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